Grade 1 Curriculum


Sadlier, We Believe Grade 1 centers on God Loves Us. It teaches the students growing in Faith through Bible stories, prayer, and family service suggestions while strengthening their Catholic Identity. It is all taught through engaging pictures, songs, and activities.


Superkids Reading program begins in the first grade with a three-week review to help children refresh the skills taught in kindergarten. As we move forward in the program they will expand their letter-sound knowledge to include consonant digraphs, long vowels, and vowel phonemes, and learn to read and form words with endings. They will begin to use phonetic and structural patterns to help them decode and encode. Their comprehension and fluency skills will increase as they read longer and more difficult fiction and informational texts. They will also learn to write longer and more structured narratives, informational texts, and opinion pieces.


Progress in Mathematics (Sadlier-Oxford) Grade 1 begins with a quick review of basic number skills learned in kindergarten. As it progresses, we advance number skills to include numbers and number words to 100, addition and subtraction facts to 20, 2-digit addition and subtraction, regrouping in both addition and subtraction. Each chapter includes word problems. They will graph, recognize, and count all coins, learn to tell time by the hour and half-hour, geometry, and measurement.


Voyages in English enables students to master the skills in grammar through direct instruction, practice, written application, and ongoing assessments in sentence structure, nouns, verbs, pronouns and adjectives, conjunctions, word study and study skills.


The Nancy Larson Science Program for Grade 1 focuses on life science and the children’s environment. The world around them is studied with hands on activities as Developmental Scientists, Botanists, Environmental Scientists, Zoologists, Physiologists, and Entomologists.

Social Studies

The Pearson My World Social Studies Program engages the student using relatable pictures and topics. We discover My School and Community, Wants and Needs, basic map skills, Our Culture, and relating time to the past and present.