Religion Curriculum

Grade 6 - Sacred Scripture

This program will help students receive an overall view of salvation history from the creation of Adam and Eve to the fulfillment of all God’s covenant promises in Jesus Christ. Students will receive exposure to Sacred Scripture and stories detailing the events in salvation history. In the end, students must understand that everything in the Old Testament points to the coming of Jesus Christ and are fulfilled in him.

Grade 7 – Living as a Disciple of Christ

This program will help students to become intentional disciples by learning about Jesus through scripture, the sacraments, and dedicated prayer.

Grade 8 – The Communion of the Faithful

This program is intended to prepare the eighth graders for high school. These units will address identity, the history of the Church, morality, sexuality, and the purpose of marriage. At the end of the school year, students will understand that everything the Catholic church teaches is a direct result of the teachings of Jesus Christ himself as revealed in Sacred Scripture, and of thousands of years’ worth of prayer, intellectual study, and discernment.