Social Studies Curriculum

Grade 6  World History

In Grade 6 students will learn about ancient civilizations such as Egypt and Kush, India, China, ancient Greece, The Roman Republic, Medieval Christendom,Medieval Europe, the Ismamic World and South Asia, African Civilizations, The Renaissance and Reformation, The Revolutionary Era, and The Modern World. Primary sources are embedded throughout the narrative to give voice to both the famous and ordinary people of history. The text is rich with biographical features of leaders and ordinary people who impacted world history. Each topic begins with a listing of digital resources such as audio, video, and interactive activities and questions that are available to students throughout the content. As students dive into the topic content , they are provided a map, timeline, a few biographies that explore the questions Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How. Students will interact with the content by Connecting, Investigating, Synthesizing and Demonstrating their understanding. The text is Pearson World History, My World Interactive.

Grade 7  World Geography
Students will study geographical locations in The United States and Canada, Middle America, South America,Europe, Africa, and Asia. They will study geographical terms and vocabulary, charts, graphs, tables and infographics, timelines and maps. They will become more familiar with areas and continents around the world. cultures, customs, traditions, food and religion. Students will have access to interactive activities, video, audiovisual, and more. It is anticipated that there will be one project per quarter assigned. The text is Pearson World Geography, My World Interactive.

Grade 8  American History
Students will study significant individuals in American history such as the Founding Fathers. They will study the writing of important documents such as the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. American presidents, responsible for the beginnings of the American government, will be introduced. Events in history such as the American Revolution , the Civil War, WWI and II , and the Vietnam War, and other significant events that led up the formation of this country will be covered. . Students will also be introduced to particular eras in American history such as the Reconstruction and Progressive Eras, and the Depression. They will touch upon postwar America and ultimately how the US became a global superpower in the 21 st century. Students will have access to digital components of this course such as informational videos, timelines, charts and graphs, primary sources, and letters.They will have access to video, audio text interactivity games, worksheets and more. It is anticipated that there will be one project per quarter for this course. The text for this course is by Pearson American History My World Interactive.