Our Pre-K 3 program is designed to encourage and guide 3-year-old children to learn in a faith filled, safe, kind, and confident environment. We cultivate our program with play, social and age-appropriate learning skills. Keeping in mind that children learn in many different ways we introduce students to center based learning. The benefit of this environment is to introduce multiple ways to learn concepts and skills that are so important in your child's early years. We also introduce them to full class instruction, how to stay seated, actively listen and follow directions. The curriculum is all brought together to prepare the students to advance into our Pre-K4 program.



Religion is immediately integrated into your child’s school day. We always start our day wishing Jesus a “Good Morning”. The children learn that God and Jesus are always a part of their day. We teach your child how to bless themselves and introduce them to reciting the prayers Our Father and Hail Mary. In addition, your child is taught that God loves us and understands that God created the world. We learn about the 7 Days of Creation and are introduced to Holy Days. We encourage kindness, understanding and best behavior.


In literacy children will master the alphabet song and are introduced to capital letters. We cover a letter a week following the “Get Set For School” by Learning Without Tears workbook. During a typical week we will not only practice tracing/writing a specific letter, but we will explore this letter in multiple ways. We will read books about this letter, we will learn about words and items that start with this letter, we will also integrate activities, crafts, science, and even social studies to include this letter. The children are introduced to storytelling, being able to draw a picture related to a story read to them, identifying the parts of a story in sequential order: the beginning, middle and end. In addition, we will work on position words (under/over, between, inside/outside).


In Math children master their colors, identify flat shapes, and are introduced to drawing flat shapes. We work on sorting by color and shapes. We introduce one number a month in order to build an understanding of the quantity of numbers 1- 10 and being able to trace/write these numbers. We count daily, working on counting to 50 individually and counting to 100 as a class. Students are also introduced to touchpoints 1-5.


Our science and social studies programs are built around topics related to the children’s everyday life experiences. Based on the student’s enthusiasm and understanding we cover topics like: The Body, 5 Senses, Insects, Animals, Weather, Nutrition, Plants, Dinosaurs, Magnets, Sink or Float, Space, Community Helpers, Recycling/Environmental topics, Manners and Kindness.