Kindergarten Curriculum

Religion – Sadlier We Believe

The kindergarten religion curriculum teaches students to become a disciple of Jesus Christ through prayers, stories and lessons that teach about God and his love for us. Students will learn about their faith, how to show love and respect, pray daily, share their faith with others and live out their faith.

Reading – Superkids Reading Program

Superkids is an interactive phonics-based reading program. Students in kindergarten will learn the letters of the alphabet, one sound for each letter and apply skills to blend letter sounds to read and write words and sentences. Students practice handwriting in each lesson.

Math – Sadlier Math

The kindergarten math curriculum provides a cohesive grouping of lessons that fosters an understanding of mathematical skills and concepts through instruction, practice and real-world applications. The lessons include sorting, counting and writing numbers to 31, two- and three-dimensional shapes, addition, subtraction, measurement, time and money.

Social Studies – Scholastic Let’s Find Out Magazines

Scholastic Let’s Find Out Magazines supports learning for kindergarteners with articles about seasonal topics that build knowledge and vocabulary.

Science – Scholastic Science Spin

Science Spin provides engaging, on-level lessons featuring simple, and fun science topics for kindergarten.