St. Monica Catholic School embraces an academic philosophy based on living out and nurturing the Catholic faith within our community. This philosophy will serve to challenge students to realize their full potential as Christians, gaining a profound respect for intellectual values, and becoming loving members of our community. We also commit ourselves to providing guidance to our children and to each other with a clear understanding of Christ’s message of love.

St. Monica School prides itself on a commitment to academic excellence for each of its students.  From Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade, our school follows a rigorous, vertically articulated, standards-based curriculum. Our teachers are expected to ensure that each child has an opportunity to achieve their personal best and reach the curriculum goals established for them.  While the curriculum is demanding for our students at every level, our academic environment is influenced by our Catholic faith and teachings, where respect for others, whether teachers or fellow students, is paramount, and Jesus’ teachings of truth and goodness serve as the foundation for this outstanding academic program.


Catholic Identity - Our Faith

St. Monica School considers its responsibility to teach and pass on the truths of the Catholic faith as paramount for the salvation of its students. We are committed to integrating the Catholic faith into the school’s daily curriculum to practice our faith through lived experiences. We do this through a daily commitment to prayer, religion classes at every grade level, a weekly Mass for scholars, a Virtues in Practice program, and preparation for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and Holy Communion. The staff at St. Monica School treats their faith as central to human flourishing.



For our family, the value of a Catholic education has never been greater than right now.  In enrolling in St. Monica School, our son has been provided the opportunity to receive an exceptional education, but more importantly the foundation for a morally-centered life. My family and I will forever be thankful to the faculty and staff of St. Monica for their exceptional efforts, bold leadership, and unwavering commitment to igniting a passion for education/learning within each of their students. God Bless St. Monica School!

- Jonathan Fitzgerald, Parent

Catholic education has helped me get closer to God through daily learning about Him and Jesus for the past several years. Going to a Catholic school has also helped me gain friends who share the same beliefs as I do. I really enjoy the community at St. Monica School, and I enjoy knowing that God is with all of us, guiding us through any struggles that we may have. It is really a great, safe, holy environment here at SMS.

- Colin Bowler, Student

My Catholic education has helped me grow as a person. It has pushed me to always be a better person. St. Monica has a safe and supportive environment. The people that surround you at St. Monica care for you. It is always a good reminder to constantly be a good person, and St. Monica has done that.

- Kylie Paris, Student

I believe students who attend Catholic school receive the best education, especially those students at the elementary level. St. Monica School has a warm and caring atmosphere, and the teachers are hard-working and dedicated. Our students are well-prepared for high school and beyond. Our faculty and staff take pride in the complete education of our students, so our students leave here as kind, hard-working students prepared for any challenges they may face.

- Karen Sylvia, Teacher


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Extracurricular Activities

St. Monica School  offers a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities for students. Current offerings may change with interest and availability. Past activities included:

  • Basketball (Merrimack Valley Catholic Basketball League)
  • Volleyball
  • Art Club
  • Instrument Lessons
  • Bowling
  • Student Council
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • STEM - Lawrence Math and Science Partnership with Merrimack College
  • Karate Club
  • Street Hockey
  • Chorus